The End: The Book: Part Seven - The Ninth of Av
  • The End: The Book: Part Seven - The Ninth of Av

    Soft Cover

    The Ninth of AV is the seventh and final book in the THE END: THE BOOK: THE SERIES by Author JL Robb. As Earth's population dwindles from 8 billion to 3 billion, thanks to war, plague, famine, drought, asteroid strikes, the remaining begin to wonder if the Bible's depiction of the end of days was correct. International militaries gather in the Mediterranean, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Israel finds herself surrounded by enemies who want to destroy her. Will The Almighty save Israel once again as predicted? It does not look good.

    • Paperback

      Published DECEMBER 2018 by Energy Concepts Productions
      ISBN ISBN : 978-1-5323-9406-5
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