The End: The Book: Part Four: The Disappearance - HARD COVER

The End: The Book: Part Four: The Disappearance - HARD COVER

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"The End: The Book: Part Four: The Disappearance"

This fictional thriller/love story series asks the difficult question: What would you do if you turned on the morning news and found that the world really was going to end this time? The world’s top scientists confirm the coming disaster.

Jeffrey Ross didn’t believe in God, never had. Mythology. He especially didn’t believe all the end of the world predictions going around. He’d heard it all before. Then stuff started happening, things his mom had always preached: Israel on the edge of war, strange new diseases, natural disasters like never before… and the disappearances. The disappearing people he found especially disturbing.

Jeff finally accepts God after his ex-wife vanished right in front of him and several others. They called it the Rapture. Now he is being investigated for Melissa’s disappearance. The world is not what it was just a few months before, and crime runs rampant in the streets of Atlanta as the population moves further from the God of the Bible, just as predicted thousands of years ago.

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