10 BOX ES OF 10 Approved FDA&CE High Quality Masks

(100) KN95 Mask Virus Protect Approved FDA and CE High Quality Masks

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  • Approved FDA&CE High Quality  Masks

    Main features:
    – Exclusive function:
    Compared to the ordinary mask which is not resistant to water, our KN95 mask effectively prevents such infection caused by the slit splash of patient’s body fluid or blood (slit size is between 1 – 5um).

    – More than 95% filtration efficiency:
    Effectively filters out air pollution, dust, PM2.5, fog, bacteria, odor, dust, pollen, and so on, protecting the respiratory tract from being infected.

    – Close fit:
    Three-dimensional cutting, fine stitches, KN95 face mask fits your face tightly, preventing spit splash from entering into your face.

    – Elastic earloop type:
    High-quality elastic earloop, suitable for different face shapes, not easy to slip, allows you to take on or off easily and quickly.

    – Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip:
    Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip, just press it gently to fit the nose bridge to better seal your face.– Breathe smoothly

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