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When Jeff's ex-wife disappears right before his eyes on a beach in Jamaica, along with the Voodoo priest, he remembers what his mom had said so many years before. "One day, Mr. Know-it-All, somebody's gonna dissappear right before your eyes. Then you'll know. Yes you will. I hope it's not too late. Yessir. Jesus said, yes he did, two ladies will be in a field and one will disappear." The disappearance is odd, but the number of those disappearing is more odd. Thirty million and counting. Manhattan's recovery is slow after the nuclear blast; and there is no Wall Street, other than cinders and ash. ATMs world-wide are out of service. Existing and new disease are spread throughout the world, mosquitos, fleas and bats at the ready. Jeff thinks because of his newfound belief in God everything will be hunky-dory. Wrong. The saga continues as biblical prediction after prediction comes true in the world's newspapers, media and Hollywood. Most had not thought the story was true. Now what were they going to do? Just like all the people who thought Noah was an old fool, it started raining.

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The End: The Book: Part Four: The Disappearance

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